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Green Day Wedding

No doubt about it that Mike & Sarah´s wedding in a private Villa in my lovely Puerto Vallarta Mexico; totally convince me to leave the night life (for almost 20 years working at big night-clubs as resident DJ) and become a Destination Weddings and Events DJ Specialist. I had the great pleasure to DJ the wedding of  Mike Dirnt -Green Day bass guitarist- in the middle of the 90s, and I have to thank so much to my dear friends: Tamara Bradley and Lucie Aubert from Vallarta Incredible Weddings for giving me the opportunity to work for them in this great ocassion in particular and so many others.

When I received the phone call from the wedding planner asking me for availability for the wedding date and attend a site visit from a “VIP client”; I knew something really good will happen. When we got to the villa and waited for them to come downstaris at one of the terraces; I never thought that I will be meeting a celebrity!; we shake hands, I introduce myself, etc; then we have a little conversation about everything in general, then Mike asked “how many years you have been spinning around?”… I answered… several years… then he said: well everything is all set, we are ok!

The wedding from the beginning of the ceremony around 5:00 p.m; until the end of the reception around 4:00 am; was absolutely fantastic and great! guests dance all different genres and variety of songs… a great night to remember!!!, so I consider this wedding as my official destination wedding as a professional DJ for Destination Weddings & Events.

And that´s when started to take pictures of the Bride and Groom with me since then… in appreciation and the pleasure for being part of such great celebration.

Thank you very much Mike and Sarah!!!

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