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"Is the most in-demand, reliable and the most trusted DJ in Cabo San Lucas area; he is fluent in a wide range of musical genres; merging a tasteful edge with traditional elegance through the combination of talent and personality, creating unforgettable celebrations. Staying true to the Art of Dee Jay form and proudly Old School DJ, Ricardo Patino (aka dj Richie) has always let his music and work speaks for him. For more than 3 decades as DJ his music has spoken volumes while he manned the turntables with an uncanny ability to read the crowd; energized style and mix diverse genres into one night of music, Ricardo's innate skills as a DJ has earned him a respect, recognition and a name in this business because reputation for creating an authentic DJ experience not just in Los Cabos area also in other destination places in México: Todos Santos, Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Punta Mita, Sayulita and abroad."

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Ricardo brings passion and style to your Destination Event in México

Directed by: Ricardo Patino
DOP: Ricardo Patino

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Ricardo Patino
T+ 521-624-157-1352


Ricardo Patino
T+ 521-624-157-1352


Ricardo Patino
T+ 521-624-157-1352

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